OAR 291-005-0015


These rules cover the following assets of the department:


Any and all information regarding or related to the department’s business and mission, where that information is stored as data contained in or on any information system, or produced for display and review by that system.


Such data may be recorded on a number of different media, such as magnetic tapes, magnetic or optical disks, hard or floppy disks, CD ROM, and a variety of printed forms on paper, etc.


This data may be stored, processed, accessed, and displayed on any number of computer systems including, but not limited to, those owned and operated by the department, its employees, contractors, and consultants.


The information systems equipment, specifically the computer hardware and software, peripheral devices, network components, data communications devices, terminals, personal computers, and printers which are owned, leased and/or operated by the department to store, process, and display information.


Access to and use of the department’s information systems.


These rules specify the means to detect and prevent misuse and/or loss of any of these assets. It covers the range of misuse from innocent accidents which cause little or no damage to malicious actions which cause data corruption, loss of information, and denial of services.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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