OAR 291-011-0050


Any personal property, as defined in the Department of Corrections rule on Personal Property Control (Inmate) (OAR 291-117), not permitted in the cell of any disciplinary-segregated inmate will be properly protected in a location designated by the functional unit manager. Upon release from the Disciplinary Segregation Unit, the inmate will check his/her personal property and sign the property sheet.


The following standard items are issued to all inmates in disciplinary segregation:


Writing utensil;


Coveralls (orange)/two-piece scrub;


Shower shoes (one pair);




Blanket(s) (staff will determine appropriate number issued consistent with general population standards;


Sheets (two total);






Pillow case;


Socks (one pair);










Property box;


Envelopes (two);


Writing paper; and


Inmate communication forms (two total).


Inmates classified as short-term status are allowed the standard issued items plus the following personal property:


Envelopes (20 total);


Library book (one);


Newspaper (one);


Magazines (three total);


Legal work (pending); and


Address book.


Those inmates classified as long-term status are allowed the standard issued items, personal property identified for short-term status inmates, plus the following personal property:


Library books (three total)


Disciplinary Segregation Unit approved canteen items purchased after admission to DSU;


Photographs (ten total); and


Magazines and newspapers which MAY be exchanged if approved by the disciplinary segregation supervisor.


Property for inmates in close supervision status includes the following (unless a specific deprivation order exists as authorized in OAR 291-011-0064 (Forfeiture/Deprivation of Service or Activity)):


Clothing (coveralls, shower shoes, undergarments, socks);


Bedding/linens (mattress, pillow and pillowcase, two sheets, blankets and towel); and


Basic hygiene items (toothbrush, comb, toilet paper and soap).


An inmate on close supervision status will not be allowed to maintain personal property in his/her cell. Pen or pencil, paper, envelopes and mail/legal work will be issued daily if requested for a four-hour block of time.


Disciplinary-segregated inmates will be permitted to retain basic personal health items (i.e., dentures, prescribed glasses, hearing aids).


Disciplinary-segregated inmates will be permitted religious items as approved by the chaplain and security manager in accordance with the rule on Religious Activities (OAR 291-143).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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