OAR 291-016-0060
Facility Visitor Access


The facility reception center will maintain sufficient quantities of “facility visitor” ID cards. The facility visitor ID cards will be red in color and numbered in sequence.


The facility visitor ID card will be worn by the facility visitor entering the secure perimeter.


The Visitor Authorization form (CD 451) will be used to authorize persons for official business for tours, meetings, repair service, estimates, consultation and other operational necessities.


A Visitor Authorization form will be completed to authorize the entry of a facility visitor into the secure perimeter. Names on the form will be listed by last name first, first name last, and in alphabetical order.


The Visitor Authorization form will require the authorization signature of a functional unit manager or designee.


The Visitor Authorization form will be routed to the reception center (public) prior to the designated time of the visit.


The facility visitor will perform the following:


Proceed through the metal detector or similar device and meet security and dress standards as required by the functional unit facility. Police officers and parole officers with proper identification will not be required to pass through the metal detector, however, they will be required to follow all of steps (b) through (g) below;


Complete the Facility Access Register (CD 52a);


Provide his/her drivers license or other suitable photo identification as a deposit to the reception center. Police officers and parole officers will be required to provide their professional police officer and parole officer identification. Police officers and parole officers may be requested to provide a phone number or contact person for verification purposes;


Obtain a facility visitor ID card at the reception center;


Display the facility visitor ID card on the upper chest area while at the facility;


Remain under the supervision of the functional unit person, (escort) authorized by the functional unit manager or designee, while inside the secure perimeter; and


Return the facility visitor ID card to the reception center, obtain his/her deposited photo identification, and place the time of departure and initial the Facility Access Register before leaving the facility.


The use of the metal detector or similar device may be waived individually or collectively by authorization of the facility functional unit manager.

Source: Rule 291-016-0060 — Facility Visitor Access, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=291-016-0060.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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