OAR 291-034-0025
Administrative Transfers


All administrative transfers will be requested through the use of the 1206 transfer request 1206 screen in the CIS. The 1206 transfer request will be reviewed and approved or denied by the Office of Population Management.


When an inmate’s conduct is determined to be a threat to the safety or security of the facility, the inmate may be referred for transfer using a 1206 transfer request.


Transfers for medical or mental health purposes will be coordinated through the Medical Services or Behavioral Health units of both the sending and receiving facilities, and be processed through the Office of Population Management by the sending facility. Upon completion of the needed medical or mental health care, the inmate may be considered for transfer.


Emergency Transfers:


If the conduct or presence of an inmate is an immediate danger to the security of the facility or safety of staff, the inmate, or other inmates, and the facility does not have adequate segregation facilities to contain the behavior or provide the necessary security, an emergency transfer may be made pursuant to the following procedures:


When the functional unit manager or designee determines an emergency transfer is necessary, a telephone or e-mail request shall be directed to the receiving facility, and coordinated with the Office of Population Management and the Transfer Coordinator during business hours, or notice sent to the Office of Population Management and the Transfer Coordinator after business hours;


The request shall include the inmate’s name, SID number, and all applicable information, including the reason for the emergency transfer.


The sending facility shall notify the receiving facility of the number of inmates being transferred, including the date and time of the transfer. The transporting officer shall ensure all records and personal property are sent with the inmate. Exceptions to this include, but are not limited to the following, the inmate’s personal property is unavailable at the time of transport or there is not enough available vehicle space to move the inmate’s property.


If the move occurs outside normal office hours, the Office of Population Management will receive an automatic notification on the next business day and may follow up with the sending facility with the reason for the transfer.

Source: Rule 291-034-0025 — Administrative Transfers, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=291-034-0025.

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