OAR 291-041-0015
General Guidelines

(1) All adults in custody, DOC and OCE employees, and non-employee service providers, housed, working or visiting in a Department of Corrections facility will be subject to search of their persons, cells or other living units, work areas, vehicles, possessions, and other property in accordance with the procedures provided in this rule.
(a) In addition, all such persons will be subject to security inspection by means of a security device such as a metal detector, if such exists.
(b) Accompanying property brought into or taken out of a Department of Corrections facility by a visitor or a DOC or OCE employee, or a non-employee service provider may also be subject to visual and/or physical examination by staff members assigned to such duty by the functional unit manager or designee, or the Department of Corrections Inspector General or designee.
(c) Drug detection dogs may be used to assist authorized Department of Corrections personnel to detect and control contraband within Department of Corrections facilities and property.
(2) Vehicular Traffic: Careful inspection of all vehicular traffic and supplies coming into or leaving the institution will be conducted. Use of detectors at vehicle gates and entrances to the facility may be used to facilitate searches of all persons, packages, brief cases, etc.
(3) All vehicles brought onto Department of Corrections premises are subject to search.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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