OAR 291-073-0040
Desirable Criteria for Minimum Security Work Camp Sites

The desirable criteria for medium security work camps sites are listed below. They are not in any order of preference. An alternate means of meeting the intent of a criterion may be considered.


A proposed site which is available at little or no cost.


A proposed site which has 25 acres with 30 acres the preferred size.


A proposed site which is square or nearly so.


A proposed site in which the topography will minimize earthwork, foundation, construction costs and surface/subsurface drainage construction costs.


A proposed site which has natural buffers from surrounding land uses such as lakes, rivers, or ridges.


A proposed site which is rural; isolated locations are appropriate.


A proposed site in which the soils shall not be unduly prone to liquefaction due to seismic activity.


A proposed site which has appropriate soil percolation capacity to use septic tank and drain field, if one is proposed for the site.


A proposed site with existing buildings that can be remodeled for utilization in new construction.


A proposed site not subject to flooding from adjacent bodies of water, natural surface drainage or subsurface high water table.


A proposed site not having an environmental, ecological, cultural or historic feature or condition which cannot be mitigated with remediation and/or health risk assessment prior to the beginning of site development. These conditions include, but may not be limited to wetlands, historic or culturally significant sites, habitat for federally designated threatened and endangered species.


A proposed site that maximizes the use of present Department of Corrections facilities and considers such institution management issues as warehousing, inmate transportation, inmate management, etc.


A proposed site which has judicial, emergency and support services availability:


Thirty minutes or less to local and/or state police, full service fire department and emergency medical transport/care; and


Sixty minutes or less response time from licensed full service in-patient care hospital that accepts OMAP payment.


A proposed site which can identify inmate work opportunities by either the public or private sector.


A proposed site in which the facility is perceived as beneficial by local jurisdiction and community.


A community able to cost effectively provide:


Food, fuel, equipment, spare parts, and maintenance to the facility; and


Support services to inmates, including counseling, religious, job training and education.

Source: Rule 291-073-0040 — Desirable Criteria for Minimum Security Work Camp Sites, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=291-073-0040.

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