OAR 291-076-0020


Behavioral Health Services (BHS): A unit of ODOC Health Services with primary responsibility for the assessment and treatment of inmates with mental illness and developmental disabilities.


Mental Health Provider: Any person employed by the Department or engaged by contract with the Department for the explicit purpose of providing mental health services.


Suicide Assessment: A brief but formal assessment of mental status conducted by a mental health provider or a registered nurse in consultation with a mental health provider, concluding with a judged level of suicidal risk.


Suicide Attempt: Any self-injury requiring significant medical intervention as determined by a mental health provider


Suicide Close Observation: In moderate risk situations, unobstructed visual observation of the inmate is required at staggered intervals, not to exceed 15 minutes, with recorded observation within each 15 minute interval.


Suicide Warning Signs: The following list provides some of the indicators of suicide potential:


Talk of suicide, threats of suicide;


Extreme sadness or crying;


Apathy, loss of interest in all or almost all people and activities;


Loss of appetite or weight;


Walking or completing tasks at an unusually slow speed;


Difficulty concentrating or thinking;


Sleep disturbances;


Emotional flatness; seems numb, non-reactive;


Difficulty carrying out routine tasks; e.g., eating, dressing, etc.;


Tension and agitation; inability to relax or sit still, pacing, hand wringing;


Withdrawal, silent, uncommunicative;


Pessimistic attitude about the future;


Emotional outbursts, sudden expression of anger for no apparent reason; or


Feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.


Suicide Watch: In high risk situations, continuous and unobstructed one-to-one view of the inmate is required at all times with recorded observation within each 15-minute interval.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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