OAR 291-077-0030
Performance Awards

(1) All inmates housed in a Department of Corrections facility, or housed with a designated outside agency while participating in a work release program administered under the authority of the Department of Corrections, except inmates who are provided compensation by the department or Oregon Corrections Enterprises for their daily full-time participation in a Prison Industries Enhancement (PIE) certified inmate work program, may be considered at the discretion of the department for a monthly performance award in accordance with these rules.
(2) The awards will be made based on three primary considerations: the level of responsibility associated with an inmate’s program assignments; the level of performance demonstrated by the inmate in his/her program assignments; and the inmate’s institutional conduct. Individual performance awards will be determined based on each eligible inmate’s total monthly performance points.
(3) Daily Points: The department will credit each eligible inmate with points equal to the value of the responsibility level for the inmate’s program assignment for each day of satisfactory work performance of a qualifying program. Satisfactory level of performance will be determined on a pass/fail basis. The total points credited to the inmate for each day equals the inmate’s daily points.
(4) Monthly Performance Points:
(a) Each month the department will add together the inmate’s daily points for that month to determine the inmate’s monthly performance points. The monetary awards associated with specific ranges of accrued points earned during the month are set forth in Appendix A.
(b) The department will deduct a fixed percentage of each performance award made to inmates under these rules, to be credited to a general victims assistance fund. The department will credit the remainder of any monetary award to each recipient inmate’s trust account.
(5) Responsibility Level: The department will assign a level of responsibility for each qualifying program assignment. The Assistant Director of Operations or designee will determine a specific responsibility level for each qualifying program.
(a) Qualifying program assignments will be assigned a responsibility level determined from a job description from the Department of Labor, Dictionary of Occupational Trades (DOT) that best describes the duties of the assignment. Each DOT job description includes skill level rating for specific vocational preparation (SV), reasoning, language and math.
(b) The Assistant Director for of Operations or designee may assign a qualifying program assignment a responsibility level that differs from the DOT job description when deemed appropriate to more accurately reflect the level of responsibility associated with a particular program assignment in a correctional setting. However, in no case will the responsibility level be assigned based on the monetary value of the inmate’s work to the facility or any public agency or private enterprise.
(6) Satisfactory Performance: Program supervisors will submit to the functional unit manager or designee, their daily pass/fail assessment for each inmate’s performance in each qualifying program. The daily assessment will be based on the inmate’s attendance, performance quality, performance effort, interpersonal communications with staff and fellow inmates, self-improvement effort, and ability to follow directions.
(7) Multiple Program Assignments: Inmates will be credited with points from only one assignment in the work program category and one assignment in the work-based education/treatment category in any given day. Inmates will be credited with points from the highest responsibility level in each of the two categories in a specific day. A failing level of performance in any of the program assignment category will result in no points being awarded in that category for that day.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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