OAR 291-104-0125
Classification Review


An inmate’s custody classification level will be reviewed when new information is received that affects a classification scoring policy element or when an inmate’s Violence Predictor Score has expired.


Custody Classification Levels 1–4: When new information is received that affects the inmate’s custody classification level, the inmate’s assigned counselor will review the classification action for accuracy and forward it to the functional unit manager for approval.


No classification action is official until the functional unit manager or designee approves the classification action.


Final approval for any override of one step will be made at the institutional level and shall be documented on the classification override comment screen describing the override reason.


Overrides of more than a single step are not official until approved by the designated institution committee and the Classification Manager or designee.


An inmate may request a copy of his/her official classification action.


All official classification actions are historically recorded and maintained in the CIS.


The Office of Population Management may modify any classification action. In such cases, the affected facility will be formally notified of the reason(s) for the modification.


Counselors may opt to review inmates with ICE detainers for override to Level 2 for placement or retention in a minimum facility.


Custody Classification Level 5:


When an inmate’s institutional behavior is determined to create serious management concerns, the classification action will be reviewed by the designated institution committee and forwarded to the Special Population Management (SPM) Committee for review. If the SPM committee approves an inmate’s classification at Level 5, the Office of Population Management will add an IMU5 designator and generate a new classification, which will be scored as custody classification Level 5.


Once an inmate is assigned to custody classification Level 5, the automated classification program will maintain the inmate’s Level 5 custody classification status until the IMU5 designator is removed, an IMUR designator is added, and a new classification is generated. The new classification will be scored at custody classification Level 4 for one year.

Source: Rule 291-104-0125 — Classification Review, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=291-104-0125.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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