OAR 291-107-0015

(1) Those inmates who have not been able to resolve problems through other available channels (i.e., the Inspector General, Department of Corrections staff, or grievance procedure), may request approval to circulate a petition. Petitions may be circulated with the approval of the functional unit manager as directed in this rule. Any inmate or other person desiring to circulate a petition will present the petition to the functional unit manager adding any supporting information that would justify its approval. Permission to circulate petitions within a Department of Corrections facility will be approved if:
(a) There is factual information;
(b) All other available avenues to remedy a problem or seek a solution to the issue or subject of the petition have been exhausted;
(c) The outcome of circulating the petition has the potential to benefit or improve the facility population or the people of the State of Oregon;
(d) Circulation of the petition would not seriously disrupt the order and security of the facility.
(2) The functional unit manager will respond, in writing, within ten days and will:
(a) If the petition is approved, advise the petitioner of the manner in which the petition may be circulated;
(b) If the petition is denied, advise the petitioner of reason for denial.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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