OAR 291-119-0027
Escrow Accounts


Whenever any person or other legal entity contracts with a representative or assignee of an inmate for the payment of money in return for the right to reenact a crime or to describe the individual’s thoughts, opinions or emotions regarding the crime in a motion picture, book, magazine, article, tape recording, phonograph record, radio or television presentation or live entertainment of any kind, the person or legal entity shall promptly submit a copy of the contract to the Department of Justice and pay to the Department any monies which would otherwise, under the terms of the contract, be paid to the accused or convicted individual, the person found guilty except for insanity or the representative or assignee of the individual in accordance with provisions of ORS 147.275 (Proceeds of compensable crime).


The Department of Justice in accordance with ORS 147.275 (Proceeds of compensable crime) shall deposit monies received in an escrow account established for the benefit of the victims or dependents of the victims of the crime for which the individual whose earnings are placed in escrow account is convicted or found guilty except for insanity. Monies in the escrow account shall be paid to satisfy judgments as provided in 147.275 (Proceeds of compensable crime) or restitution orders under 137.103 (Definitions for ORS 137.101 to 137.109) to 137.109 (Effect of restitution order on other remedies of victim).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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