OAR 291-139-0170
Print, Photocopy, and Mailing Services


Printing and Photocopy Services:


Printing and photocopy services will be made available to inmates in the facility law library for duplication of legal documents at the inmate’s expense. An inmate must have sufficient funds in the inmate’s trust account to cover the costs of duplication at the time of a request.


Costs for Printing or Photocopying: Inmates receiving printing or photocopying services will be charged at the rate of 10 cents per page.


Cursory Review: All documents, prior to photocopy or printing, may receive a cursory review by the library coordinator or other supervising staff.


Duplication of materials provided to the inmate by the court, paroling authority or attorney may be approved only for inmates who have sufficient funds to pay for copies.


Crime scene images and other inflammatory material from an inmate’s criminal case will not be duplicated. Misuse of such material in violation of the department’s rules of Prohibited Inmate Conduct (OAR 291-105) may result in discipline or in confiscation of the material.


All inmate requests for photocopies must be approved by the library coordinator or other supervising staff member. Only legal documents in final form that are ready to be filed with the court or paroling authority will be approved for photocopying. Approval will be provided for only that number of copies needed to satisfy court or paroling authority filing requirements as established by applicable rules and procedures, and one additional copy for retention by the inmate for the inmate’s personal records. If the library coordinator or other supervising staff have questions about copy requirements, the requesting inmate is responsible for providing staff with the citation to the applicable court or paroling authority rules and procedures.


Copies of Non-Legal Documents: The library coordinator, in consultation with an immediate supervisor, may approve at the inmate’s expense photocopying of non-legal documents in the facility legal library when doing so serves a legitimate correctional, rehabilitative or programming need.


Mailing Services:


Mailing services (i.e., envelopes and postage) will be made available to inmates in facility law libraries for mailing legal documents at the inmate’s expense as provided in these rules and in the department’s rules on Mail (Inmate) (OAR 291-131).


Electronic Filing of Legal Documents with a Court: Envelopes and postage will not be provided to inmates for filing of legal documents with a court if the department has entered into an agreement with the court for electronic filing of legal documents by inmates, and the court has provided for electronic filing as the exclusive means of filing legal documents with the court by inmates.

Source: Rule 291-139-0170 — Print, Photocopy, and Mailing Services, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=291-139-0170.

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