OAR 291-149-0180

(1) The work release approval authority may require that inmates participating in a work release program be escorted to and from specific activities by program staff. The mode of transportation must be approved in advance by the work release approval authority.
(2) Except as otherwise directed by the work release approval authority or program staff, an inmate assigned to participate in a work release program may be authorized to leave his/her place of confinement without escort if:
(a) The inmate has secured authorization to participate in an inmate work program in the community approved by the Department or has enrolled in an education or treatment program approved by the Department; and
(b) Program staff have verified all aspects of the work release assignment, including, where applicable, the terms and conditions of assignment and participation in the work release program contained in the Department/employer written agreement.
(3) An inmate authorized to participate in a department-approved work release program may be required to pay additional costs associated with that program, including but not limited to tuition, exams, clothes, tools, transportation or other costs necessary to secure and maintain placement in that work release assignment.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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