OAR 291-157-0015


Notice to Inmates: Each inmate is responsible for saving money for release purposes. All monies received in the trust account during his/her incarceration will be tallied and the total figure may be the basis for approval or denial of release subsidies in accordance with ORS 421.125 (Clothing, money and documents upon release).


Administration: The Assistant Director for Transitional Services or designee is responsible for the administration of the release subsidy program. However, eligibility for release subsidies and coordination of payments for releasees shall be determined by the local county director of community corrections or designee.


Twenty percent of the total allocation of subsidy monies will be retained by the Transition and Release administrator for institution release purposes and may be used towards incidental funds.


The balance of allocated subsidy monies will be distributed to all counties via the community corrections work load formula. Counties will receive subsidy funds through the quarterly allotment process.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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