OAR 291-164-0015


Managers within each functional unit shall review inventory stock levels and usage rates available through the Department’s computerized perpetual inventory system prior to submitting a purchase request to increase inventory levels of stock item(s).


Requests for similar commodities will be consolidated to be efficient in order to gain the economic advantage of volume purchasing and to avoid fragmenting.


All goods, supplies, and services purchased by the Department will be received and inspected at authorized receiving points which include institution warehouses, regional offices, and the Fiscal Services Section for General Services.


Managers identifying a specific vendor or product by brand name shall be aware that products of approved equal specification and alternate vendors may be substituted as a result of competitive bidding.


Expediting purchase orders shall be limited to items which are critical to the function of a program and need for the good, supply, or service could not have been reasonably anticipated. If the good, supply, or service is not purchased promptly, an emergent situation will develop resulting in imminent danger to life, health, safety, security or loss to public property.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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