OAR 291-167-0010


Detainee: A person held with no criminal charges.


Juvenile Detention Facility: A facility as described in ORS 419A.050 (Authority to acquire, equip and maintain detention and shelter facilities) and 419A.052 (Specifications of facilities) and which includes local correctional facilities and lockups where juveniles are detained.


Local Confinement Facility: Any facility operated by local government entity for the purpose of holding or lodging prisoners, detainees, or juveniles.


Local Correctional Facility: A jail or prison for the reception and confinement of prisoners that is provided, maintained, and operated by a county or city and holds persons for more than 36 hours.


Lockup: A facility for the temporary detention of arrested persons held up to 36 hours, excluding holidays, Saturdays and Sundays, but the period in lockup shall not exceed 96 hours after booking.


Major Renovation: A plan to alter a local confinement facility to the extent that security, supervision of prisoners, or general operation is changed. Major renovation is the restructure, or adding to any portion of a building which is designed and used for confinement, that equals 50 percent of the total value of that area, or 50 percent of the total square feet of space.


Prisoner: A person held with criminal charges or sentenced to the facility.


Temporary Hold: A facility, the principal purpose of which is the temporary detention of a prisoner or detainee for four or less hours while awaiting court appearance or transportation to a local correctional facility.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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