OAR 291-200-0050
PAC Bylaws


Prison advisory committees shall adopt and operate in accordance with the model bylaws developed by the Department of Corrections to govern committee activities. A copy of the department’s model bylaws for prison advisory committees is attached hereto as Exhibit A and is incorporated as a part of division 200 of OAR 291. The model bylaws address the following subject areas:










Orientation and training;


Term of Membership;




Committee operation;


Resources and services;


Conflict of interest; and




Prison advisory committees may amend and make additions to the model bylaws and adopt procedures to govern their activities, as they deem necessary or advisable, to the extent that they are consistent with these and other Department of Corrections policies, internal management directives and procedures, and state and federal laws, regulations, and administrative rules.


Before taking effect, bylaws and procedures, and amendments thereto, shall require the written approval of the facility superintendent or designated Department of Corrections representative.
[ED. NOTE: Exhibits referenced are available from the agency.]
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Jun. 8, 2021

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