OAR 309-012-0070


Requests for copies of medical records must be made in writing with proper consent and must be specific to assure that only the essential portions of the medical record are copied and released.


A patient or resident shall not be denied access to the medical record because of inability to pay. The patient may review his or her record in the Medical Record Department at no charge.


A copy of the most recent release summary shall be furnished free of charge to authorized persons or agencies providing follow-up care.


A copy of required portions of medical records may be provided without charge to the following agencies and individuals. When a substantial part or all of a medical record is requested, the Division may charge for copies in accordance with OAR chapter 943-003:


Community mental health programs;






Individuals or agencies providing follow-up care for the patient;


Insurance carriers paying for patient’s or resident’s care; and




All other requests for public records shall be charged in accordance with OAR 943-003.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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