OAR 309-023-0120
PES Facility Requirements


For purposes of these rules, psychiatric emergency services shall be delivered in an emergency department through a hospital or hospital satellite licensed in accordance with OAR chapter 333 division 500.


The PES facility shall comply with the following:


Standards for Regional Acute Care Psychiatric Services for Adults pursuant to OAR 309-032-0850 (Purpose) to 0870.


Be approved as a hospital hold facility pursuant to OAR 309-033-0500 (Statement of Purpose and Statutory Authority) to 0550.


Meet the structural and physical requirements set forth in OAR chapter 333 division 535 and 309-033-0727 (Structural and Physical Requirements).


The facility shall offer food and drink at regularly scheduled intervals and as needed, to patients receiving services.


The facility shall develop policies and procedures annually that demonstrate collaboration with all local licensed ambulance service agencies and police departments that specify the role of each responder in managing medical, psychiatric and other emergencies. The policies and procedures shall also include a requirement for first responder training to determine if the appropriate setting for the patient should be a PES.


The facility shall develop policies and procedures that demonstrate collaboration with the local community and local Coordinated Care Organizations.


The facility shall have phone access available for the patient, when appropriate.


The facility shall offer a care setting that is appropriate to the patient’s wishes and safety needs. Care settings should include a living room setting, which may accommodate the option for lying down comfortably and allowing for more privacy. Living room settings include comfortable seating, soft lighting, and are designed to encourage a sense of safety and belonging.

Source: Rule 309-023-0120 — PES Facility Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=309-023-0120.

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