OAR 309-027-0060
Reporting To Coordinator


Each LMHA shall designate a Designated Reporter assigned to timely report suspected youth suicides and postvention activities to the Coordinator. Each LMHA shall provide the name and all contact information (including email address and phone number) for the Designated Reporter. The LMHA shall also designate a backup Designated Reporter to assume those responsibilities in the event of the Designated Reporter’s absence. The LMHA shall maintain updated contact information of the Designated Reporter and backup with the Coordinator.
(2) Within seven days of a suspected or confirmed youth suicide the primary LMHA shall report to the Coordinator as follows or to the extent allowed by law.
(3) The LMHA in the county where the death occurred shall report the death to the Coordinator. The Primary LMHA and each impacted LMHA shall report their respective postvention activities. At a minimum, the reports to OHA shall include:
(a) Date of report;
(b) The author’s name, affiliated LMHA, email address and phone number;
(c) The date of the suspected youth suicide and the city and county in which the suspected youth suicide occurred;
(d) Age of the decedent;
(e) If a student, the name of the school, public or private university or college, or private post-secondary institution of education attended by the decedent.
(f) A narrative discussing the postvention activities completed or to be completed by the Primary LMHA, other impacted LMHAs, if available, and community partners. The narrative must include activities completed or planned for:
(A) The immediate postvention response;
(B) The intermediate postvention response; and
(C) The long-term postvention response, including how the interventions may change due to the end of a school year, at graduation, and at the anniversary of the death;
(g) If the LMHA has not determined intermediate or long-term postvention response activities at the time of the seven- day report, the LMHA shall provide the narrative described in subsection (f) to the Coordinator within 45 days of the date of the initial report.
(h) A request or decline of technical assistance from OHA.
(i) If assistance is requested, the LMHA shall make the request by phone or secure email and include as much of the following as is possible:
(A) The decedent’s age; race and/or ethnicity; gender; gender identity; and sexual orientation;
(B) Identify the agency with custody of the decedent, if applicable;
(C) Identify organizations or individuals that provided services or resources to the decedent if the decedent was a runaway or homeless youth at the time of death;
(D) Location of the suspected youth suicide (such as a public place or private residence);
(E) Any evidence of bullying (cyber or in person);
(F) The manner in which, if at all, social media were involved;
(G) Whether, within the previous year, the decedent’s family experienced another suicide;
(H) A description of all other traumatic deaths within the community, if known within the previous year;
(I) Whether the decedent was receiving mental or behavioral health services at or close to the time of death;
(J) Whether substance use or abuse was a factor in the death, if known; and,
(K) Any other information that the LMHAs deems necessary for the Coordinator to have in order to provide assistance.
(4) LMHAs shall notify the Coordinator if a death reported as a suspected youth suicide is later determined by the medical examiner or designee to not be a suicide.
(5) OHA shall provide LMHAs with a form for reporting the required information via e-mail to the Coordinator.
(6) Annually by December 15th, each LMHA shall report to the Coordinator an assessment of the effectiveness of the: communication and response protocols; post-intervention services provided, and procedures for reporting deaths to OHA. The LMHA may also include an estimate of the costs to the LMHA in implementing these rules that year.
(7) As part of the Authority’s Plan to improve communication and response to suspected youth suicides, the Coordinator shall use the information compiled from the LMHA annual reports to aid its efforts to serve as a resource to the LMHAs.

Source: Rule 309-027-0060 — Reporting To Coordinator, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=309-027-0060.

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