OAR 309-060-0100
Purpose and Scope

(1) These rules establish standards and procedures for the application, review, initial registration, and ongoing registration of Division-registered Community-Based Structured Housing (CBSH) for provision of services to individuals with mental, emotional, behavioral, or substance use disorders who reside in a CBSH facility pursuant to ORS 443.480 (Definitions for ORS 443.480 to 443.500) to 443.500 (Investigation of registered facilities).
(2) These rules do not apply or establish regulatory procedures for:
(a) Any facility operated by an institution of higher education;
(b) Any private room and board facility approved by an institution of higher education that has as a resident, a student, or an employee of the institution;
(c) Any private or nonprofit retirement facility that does not fall under the generally understood definition of a “room and board facility,” a “boarding house,” or a “boarding hotel” and when a majority of the residents are retirees;
(d) Any privately arranged housing the occupants of which may not be related by blood or marriage;
(e) Residential licensure under ORS 443.410 (Single license required) and 443.315 (License required);
(f) Programs defined under ORS 443.400 (Definitions for ORS 443.400 to 443.455);
(g) CBSH facilities that do not provide housing and meals to two or more residents who have mental, emotional, behavioral, or substance use disorders, as defined ORS 443.480 (Definitions for ORS 443.480 to 443.500); or
(h) CBSH facilities that are licensed or registered under any other law of this state or city or county ordinance or regulation.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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