OAR 325-035-0025


If a discussion as described in OAR 325-035-0015 (Procedures for Conducting Discussions) does not result in the resolution of an adverse health care incident, the patient and the health care facility or health care provider who files or is named in a notice of adverse health care incident may enter into mediation.


The parties who have agreed to participate in mediation shall bear the cost of mediation equally unless otherwise mutually agreed.


Other persons that may participate in the mediation include, but are not limited to:


Members of the patient’s family, at the discretion of the patient;


Attorneys for the patient, the health care facility and the health care provider;


Professional liability insurance carriers;


Risk management personnel; and


Any lien holder with an interest in the dispute.


Mediation under this rule is subject to ORS 36.110 (Definitions for ORS 36.100 to 36.238) through 36.238 (Application of ORS 36.210 and 36.220 to 36.238).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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