OAR 330-010-0015

For purposes of these rules, the following definitions shall apply:


“Department” means the Department of Energy.


“Director” means the Director of the Department.


“Energy Supplier” means a coal supplier, petroleum supplier, or utility, as defined in ORS 469.020 (Definitions)(2), (8), and (12).


“Person” shall be defined in ORS 469.020 (Definitions)(7).


“Proprietary” means information, regardless of its format, in which there is an ownership interest which is of important, established financial or competitive value to its owner, determined by use of the following indicators:


Whether the information is treated as confidential by its owner.


Whether its owner has made the information available to others, and the reason for such disclosure.


The potential for competitive advantage that the information provides.


The cost of developing the information.


The potential for financial or competitive loss to its owner from disclosure of the information.


Whether legal protections, such as patents or copyrights, exist for the information.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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