OAR 330-092-0010

As used in OAR 330-092-0010 (Definitions) through 330-092-0046:


“Director” means the Director of the Oregon Department of Energy.


“Department” means the Oregon Department of Energy.


“Equipment” means a category of equipment or appliances regulated by ORS 469.229 (Definitions for ORS 469.229 to 469.261) to 469.261 (Department to review standards) and described in OAR 330-092-0015 (Effective Dates for Regulated Equipment), below.


“Multi-State Compliance System” or M-SCS means the multi-state database program located at www.appliancestandards.org to register and list compliant equipment.


“Product” means a particular model number or series available from a particular manufacturer, as distinct from a category of equipment.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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