OAR 330-110-0042
Bond Refunding


The Department must pursue opportunities to refund bonds to reduce interest sums paid by the Department.


When the Department refunds a bond with tax-exempt bonds, the Department must share, on an equitable basis, the savings from any refunding with the affected borrowers in an amount consistent with a finding by the Director that the sinking fund has, and will continue to have, sufficient funds to make payments required under ORS 470.300 (Small Scale Local Energy Project Administration and Bond Sinking Fund)(1). Affected borrowers are those whose loans were made with the proceeds of the refunded bonds.


For the purposes of OAR 330-110-0042 (Bond Refunding)(1), savings from a refunding are shared on an equitable basis if the Department receives half the savings, and the affected borrowers receive or split half the savings, net of costs, from a bond refunding. When the Internal Revenue Code or other law limits the amount of refunding savings the Department may retain or provide to the affected borrowers, the Department may receive less or more than half the savings, and the affected borrowers will receive the remainder. If multiple loans were funded from the proceeds of the refunded bonds, the affected borrowers will share the savings in proportion with their respective shares of the proceeds of the refunded bonds that were used to make their loans, adjusted for the remaining term to maturity of their loans.


Savings from a bond refunding accrue over the remaining term of the refunded bonds. The Department will share these savings with affected borrowers by reducing the amount of their loan payments over the remaining term of the loans. If the accumulated savings over the remaining term of a loan is less than $15,000 or if the Director finds that it is in the interest of both the Department and the borrowers, the Department may reduce the principal amount of the loan by the net present value of the savings, calculated using a discount rate of the maximum arbitrage yield of the refunding bonds as defined in Section 148 of the Internal Revenue Code.


The Department must not refund tax-exempt bonds with taxable bonds, unless the Department is able to share the savings associated with such a refunding with the borrowers whose loans are linked to such bonds.


At least 120 days before the date on which the Department intends to issue refunding bonds, the Department must notify each borrower whose loan was made from the proceeds of the bonds being refunded and must offer the borrower the opportunity to prepay the borrower’s loan. The Department will request that the borrower notify the Department of its intent to prepay their loan within 60 days of the date of the notification or risk losing the opportunity to prepay.
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