OAR 330-140-0100
Independent Audit Standards and Procedures


An independent energy audit shall document or identify: annual electric energy consumption history for the site, major electricity energy using systems at the site, estimated segmentation of electric energy by end use and system type, industry standard benchmark performance for each electric energy using system at the site, site system performance relative to benchmarks, all installed electric energy conservation measures, all new electric energy conservation measure opportunities at the site by end use and/or system. Industry-established Industries of the Future roadmap technologies improving electric energy efficiency shall be evaluated for applicability at each site.


A retail electricity consumer may contract with an independent energy auditor from a qualified list provided by the Oregon Department of Energy or an independent energy auditor of the retail electricity consumer’s choice.


The Oregon Department of Energy shall qualify the independent energy auditor selected by the retail electricity consumer within 30 days of a request in writing for auditor approval if either (a) or (b) below apply:


They are from the qualified auditor list; or


If the independent energy auditor is:


Registered to do business in Oregon; and


Has conducted comprehensive energy use and conservation analysis or facilities design in at least three facilities of similar type and size as the site; and


A sample audit report from the selected independent energy auditor meets the approval of the Oregon Department of Energy for technical accuracy, thorough identification of new energy conservation investment by system or end use at the reported facility, and the report documents accurate cost estimates for new energy conservation investments; and


Documentation or evidence supporting sections (A), (B) and (C) of this rule are submitted with the written request to approve the independent auditor.


The Oregon Department of Energy shall develop a list of qualified independent energy auditors.


Large electricity consumers may select an independent energy auditor from the list of qualified independent energy auditors. The Oregon Department of Energy may use the list when requested by a large electricity consumer to direct auditors to conduct an independent audit of the large retail electricity consumer’s site.


Selection of the independent energy auditor will be based on the auditor’s experience auditing the type of facility, delivery date of the audit and cost.


The large electricity consumer shall directly contract with the independent energy auditor for all costs of the audit. The contract between the large electricity consumer and the independent energy auditor shall provide the Oregon Department of Energy open access to information on all aspects of the independent energy audit.


Costs for independent energy audit services under this rule are not eligible for precertification as new energy conservation unless a portion of the audit defines design elements of a new energy conservation project installed by the large electricity consumer.


A summary of findings shall be provided to the Oregon Department of Energy once on-site field work is complete and prior to the development of the audit report.


An independent energy audit report, described under subsection 1 of this rule, shall be submitted by the large electricity consumer’s independent energy auditor to the Oregon Department of Energy for review.


A certificate of eligibility to be relieved of a portion of the public purpose charges, not to exceed 54 percent of the amount owed, shall be approved or denied in writing by the Oregon Department of Energy within 30 days of the receipt of a complete and approved independent energy audit report.


The Oregon Department of Energy may require that all or part of the independent energy audit be reevaluated and rewritten by the independent energy auditor or the large electricity consumer at the large electricity consumer’s expense if data, technical or engineering errors or omissions are identified.

Source: Rule 330-140-0100 — Independent Audit Standards and Procedures, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=330-140-0100.

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