OAR 330-180-0020


“Cogeneration facility” means a facility where the sequential generation of electric energy and the production of steam or other forms of useful energy (such as heat) from the same primary energy source or fuel are used for industrial, commercial, heating, or cooling purposes.


“Department” means the Oregon Department of Energy pursuant to ORS 469.020 (Definitions)(5).


“Director” means the director of the department pursuant to ORS 469.020 (Definitions)(6).


“Low-Carbon Emissions Resource” means a generating facility that is capable of meeting the greenhouse gas emissions standard through the use of technologies, fuels, or feedstocks that work together to result in an emissions rate at or below the emissions standard, or by sequestering a sufficient portion of greenhouse gas emissions such the net greenhouse gas emissions at the generating facility are maintained at or below the standard.


“Useful thermal energy” is the net thermal energy made available by a cogeneration facility for processes or applications other than for the generation of electricity, taking into account any portion of the total thermal energy produced that is used as part of the cogeneration process or that is discharged as waste.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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