OAR 331-010-0010

(1) Payments made to the Office must be made for the exact amount of the transaction.
(2) When the Office receives payment and required documentation that is incomplete or incorrect, it may be returned to the sender for correction before being processed by the Office and late fees may accrue.
(3) Fees will be applied as directed by the applicant, authorization holder or payer. Misapplied fees may be corrected by written request specifying the certificate, license, permit or registration number(s) affected and the action requested, subject to conditions in OAR 331-010-0020 (Refund of Payments)(2).
(4) Payments received by the Office without indication of purpose or intent will be applied toward any outstanding civil penalty balance or administrative processing fees.
(5) Fee schedules are published in the administrative rules for each program administered by the Office.
(6) Whenever a bank check, credit or debit transaction in payment of an obligation due for fees, penalties, copies of records or materials, or other services to the Office, is dishonored by the bank upon which the check is drawn, the applicant or authorization holder must pay a $25 administrative-processing fee. The Office may take any other disciplinary action against an authorization holder or payer, and may seek other legal remedies to collect the returned items. If a check is returned for NSF or uncollected funds, the Office will attempt to collect payment electronically.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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