OAR 331-415-0010
Continuing Education Requirements

(1) To maintain licensure, a denturist must complete a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education every year.
(2) A licensee must document compliance with the continuing education requirement through attestation on the license renewal application. A licensee is subject to provisions of OAR 331-415-0020 (Continuing Education: Audit, Required Documentation and Sanctions) pertaining to periodic audit of continuing education.
(3) Continuing education must be obtained by participation in or attendance at a course provided by an institution of higher education accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, or the State Board of Higher Education, a course or program approved by the Oregon State Denturist Association, or the National Denturist Association, or other professional organizations or associations that conduct educational meetings, workshops, symposiums, and seminars where continuing education credit is offered and where subject matter meets the requirements under subsection (4) of this rule.
(4) Continuing education must address subject matter related specifically to denture technology as set forth in ORS 680.515 (Application for license)(1)(a), the rules regulating licensed denturists, related dental practices, health care professional concerns such as infection control or medical emergencies, ethics, and business practices.
(5) Continuing education may include teaching a course sponsored by a CE provider listed in subsection (3) of this rule and where the subject matter meets the requirements under subsection (4) of this rule (provided that no more than half the required hours be in teaching).
(6) Notwithstanding any other continuing education requirements, in order to be eligible to renew a license, an authorization holder must obtain 1 unit of continuing education in cultural competency (CCCE) every other time the authorization is subject to renewal. The requirement of this paragraph is effective on and after July 1, 2021. The CCCE must be either:
(a) Approved by the Oregon Health Authority; or
(b) Meet the skills requirements established by the Oregon Health Authority by rule; or
(c) One of the educational institutions or organizations listed in subsection (3) of this rule which are in compliance with one of the requirements listed in subsection (7) of this rule.
(7) The Board encourages completion of required CCCE from the approved list promulgated by the Oregon Health Authority, available on the Board’s website. The Board shall also accept CCCE that is not obtained from the Oregon Health Authority’s approved list, to the extent the Board determines the CCCE meets the skills requirements established by the Oregon Health authority in rules that are effective at the time the CCCE is obtained.
(8) Section (6) does not apply to authorization holders who are:
(a) Retired and not practicing the profession in any state;
(b) Not practicing the profession in this state; or
(c) Residing in this state, but not practicing in the profession in any state.
(9) Proof of participation in required continuing education is the responsibility of the denturist, to ensure that adequate proof of completion of required continuing education is available for audit or investigation by the Office.
(10) Documentation supporting compliance with continuing education requirements must be maintained for a period of two years following renewal, and must be available to the Office upon request.
(11) For the purpose of this rule continuing education hours mean actual academic, classroom, or course work time, including but not limited to workshops, symposiums, or seminars. Continuing education hours do not include travel time to or from the training site, registration or check-in periods, breaks or lunch periods.

Source: Rule 331-415-0010 — Continuing Education Requirements, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=331-415-0010.

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