OAR 331-910-0010
Electrology Temporary License


An electrology temporary license pursuant to ORS 690.365 (License to perform services and facility licenses) is a temporary license to perform electrology services on a limited basis, not to exceed 30 consecutive calendar days. An electrology temporary license holder;


May renew the license up to two times in a 12 month period from the date the Office receives the initial application. License renewals can be done consecutively with no lapse in active license dates;


Must submit all requests to renew a license on a form prescribed by the Office and received 20 days before electrology services are provided;


Must submit notification of a change in work location at least 24 hours before services are performed on a form prescribed by the Office; and


Must work in a licensed facility.


An electrology temporary license holder must adhere to standards within OAR 331-910-0065 (Electrology Practice Standards and Prohibitions), 331-910-0070 (Standards for Client Services for Electrology), 331-910-0075 (Sterilization Standards for Electrology), 331-910-0080 (General Standards), 331-910-0085 (Client Records) and all applicable rules listed in OAR 331 division 925.

Source: Rule 331-910-0010 — Electrology Temporary License, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=331-910-0010.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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