Rule Rule 332-026-0030
Approved Devices

An LDM may use the following Board approved devices:
(1) Devices for injection of medications including:
(a) Needles.
(b) Syringes.
(2) Devices for administration of intravenous fluids including:
(a) Drip sets.
(b) Catheters.
(3) Devices for maternal and neonatal resuscitation including:
(a) Suction devices;
(b) Oxygen-delivery devices.
(c) Bag-Valve-Mask-Sets.
(4) Devices for rupturing the amniotic sac.
(5) Devices for repairing the perineal area including:
(a) Sutures;
(b) Instruments for completing a repair.
(c) Local anesthetic administration devices.
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