OAR 333-007-0315
Ordering Tests

(1) A registrant or licensee must provide a laboratory, prior to laboratory taking samples, with at a minimum, the following information:
(a) The registrant or licensee’s registrant or license number.
(b) The name, address and contact information of the registrant or licensee.
(c) If a registrant, whether the registrant is subject to tracking in CTS, under OAR chapter 333, division 8.
(d) Type of marijuana item.
(e) Harvest lot number that is associated with the batch numbers, if applicable.
(f) Process lot number that is associated with the batch numbers, if applicable.
(g) Batch numbers to be sampled.
(h) Total mass or volume of each batch to be sampled.
(i) For cannabinoid products, the unit of sale.
(j) Identification of the test or tests the laboratory is being requested to conduct.
(k) Whether the test or tests being requested are compliance tests.
(l) Whether the test or tests being requested are quality control or research and development tests.
(m) Whether a batch is being re-sampled because of a failed test, the date the failed test result was received by the registrant or licensee and laboratory identification number of the laboratory that conducted the initial test.
(n) Whether the marijuana item has a certified control study or a control study is being requested.
(o) Whether the marijuana item was remediated, if remediation is permitted under OAR 333-007-0450 (Failed Test Samples).
(2) If a registrant or licensee is requesting a control study the request must be submitted on a form prescribed by the Authority or Commission, as specified in OAR 333-007-0440 (Control Study).
(3) If the registrant or licensee informs a laboratory that a marijuana item is being re-sampled after a failed test or has a certified control study, the registrant or licensee must provide the laboratory with documentation of the failed test or certified control study as applicable.
(4) It is the responsibility of the registrant or the licensee to order the tests necessary to comply with these rules.
(5) A registrant or licensee may only order a compliance test for a marijuana item that the registrant or licensee has produced or processed, as applicable, except a wholesaler who may order a compliance test.
(6) A registrant or licensee may not order more than one compliance test for the same marijuana item.
(7) It is a violation of these rules for a registrant or licensee to:
(a) Fail to provide the information required in these rules to the laboratory; or
(b) Submit false or misleading information to a laboratory.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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