OAR 333-048-0020
Plan Development


When the State Public Health Officer declares a vaccine shortage emergency, the Division will adopt a Vaccine Education and Prioritization Plan specific for that vaccine shortage.


The plan will include, but is not limited to:


A timeline that lists when specific vaccine administration activities can be initiated by providers and/or sponsors;


The risk categories, or sub-categories, that will be covered with the vaccine that is available based on categories developed and/or adopted by the Division;


The role of the local public health authorities in assuring that services are available to those in the designated risk categories.


The plan will be published and distributed to providers within forty-five days of a declared vaccine shortage emergency.


In situations where a vaccine shortage changes after the finalized plan has been distributed, the prioritized risk categories can be redefined by publishing a written supplement to the plan.


In cases of a vaccine shortage emergency as determined by the State Public Health Officer, the local public health authority may facilitate the voluntary sharing of vaccine in their community or delegate that responsibility to a community partner. State-supplied vaccine will be shared only within guidelines provided by the Division.


The Vaccine Education and Prioritization Plan will remain in effect until notification is made by the State Public Health Officer, or unless specified in the plan.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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