OAR 333-054-0030
Vendor Agreements


Each applicant who has been approved for authorization shall sign a vendor agreement.


The vendor agreement shall include the contractual obligations that must be met by an authorized vendor.


Failure to adhere to the vendor agreement is a violation and may result in a sanction.


The vendor agreement shall be signed by a representative of the Authority and a representative of the vendor who has the legal authority to sign the vendor agreement and obligate the applicant to the terms of the vendor agreement.


The term of a vendor agreement shall not exceed three years.


The Authority shall provide a vendor with not less than 15 days advance written notice of the expiration of its vendor agreement.


The Authority shall immediately terminate the vendor agreement if it determines that the vendor has provided false information in connection with its application for authorization.


When a vendor has more than one store location, the vendor agreement shall include a list of each store’s name and location. Individual store locations may be added or deleted, by amendment to the vendor agreement or disqualification of an individual store location, without affecting the remaining store locations. Each store location included in the vendor agreement shall meet all applicable laws and rules.


The vendor agreement does not constitute a license or property interest.


The vendor agrees to comply with terms in a final order issued by the Authority or an investigation by federal or state officials.


A vendor shall provide the Authority or a federal official access to food instruments negotiated on requested dates.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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