OAR 333-055-0000


The purpose of OAR 333-055-0000 (Purpose) through 333-055-0035 (Circumstances in Which Trained Persons May Administer Epinephrine, Glucagon or a Medication to Treat Adrenal Crisis) is to describe the circumstances under which these rules apply and to define the procedures for authorizing certain individuals, when a licensed health care professional is not immediately available, to administer:


Epinephrine to a person who has a severe allergic response to an allergen;


Glucagon to a person who is experiencing severe hypoglycemia when other treatment has failed or cannot be initiated; and


Medication that treats adrenal insufficiency to a student who is experiencing an adrenal crisis.


Severe allergic reactions requiring epinephrine will occur in a wide variety of circumstances.


Severe hypoglycemia requiring glucagon, in settings where children prone to severe hypoglycemia are known to lay providers and where arrangements for the availability of glucagon have been made, will occur primarily in, but not limited to, school settings, sports activities, and camps.


An adrenal crisis for students diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency will occur in a wide variety of circumstances. The administration of medication to treat a student experiencing an adrenal crisis may be provided by trained school personnel in accordance with OAR 581-021-0037 (Administration of Medication) whose parent or guardian has provided the necessary medication and equipment for administration.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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