OAR 333-081-0050


The Division must, in addition to any investigations conducted pursuant to OAR 333-081-0065 (Investigations), conduct at least one survey of each NARRO prior to licensure and once every two years thereafter as a requirement of licensing and at such other times as the Division deems necessary.


In lieu of an on-site inspection required by section (1) of this rule, the Division may accept proof of accreditation by an accrediting body approved by the Division if the NARRO:


Gives the Division sufficient advance notice to allow the Division to participate in any exit interviews conducted by the accrediting body; and


Provides the Division with copies of all documentation concerning the accreditation that it requests.


A NARRO must permit Division staff access to its premises during a survey.


A survey may include, but is not limited to:


Interviews of NARRO management and staff;


On-site observations of the NARRO premises, staff performance and activities; and


Review of documents, records and other materials required to be kept by OAR 333-081-0070 (Records).


A NARRO shall make all requested documents and records available to the surveyor for review and copying.


Following a survey, Division staff may conduct an exit conference with a NARRO agency owner, administrator, or designee. During an exit conference, Division staff must:


Inform the NARRO owner, administrator or designee of the preliminary findings of the inspection; and


Give the owner, administrator or designee a reasonable opportunity to submit additional facts or other information to the surveyor in response to those findings.


Following a survey, Division staff must prepare and provide the NARRO owner or administrator specific and timely written notice of the findings.


If no deficiencies are found during a survey, the Division must issue written findings to the NARRO owner or administrator indicating that fact.


Upon conclusion of a survey the Division must, upon request, publicly release the written documents described in sections (7) and (8) of this rule in accordance with the Oregon Public Records Act.


If deficiencies are found, the Division must take informal or formal enforcement action in accordance with OAR 333-081-0085 (Informal Enforcement) and 333-081-0090 (Formal Enforcement).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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