OAR 333-112-0005

As used in this division, these terms have the definitions set forth below:


“Microwave oven” means an electronic product designed to heat or cook food through the application of electromagnetic energy at frequencies assigned by the Federal Communica-tions Commission in the normal industrial, scientific and medical heating bands ranging from 890 megahertz to 6,000 megahertz.


“Cavity” means that portion of the microwave oven in which food may be heated or cooked.


“Door” means the movable barrier which prevents access to the cavity during operation and the function of which is to prevent emission of microwave energy from the passage or opening which provides access to the cavity.


“External surface” means the outside surface of the cabinet or enclosure provided by the manufacturer as part of the microwave oven, including doors, door handles, latches and control knobs.


“Licensee” means any person (facility) that provides service for microwave ovens.


“Service” means the testing, repair, maintenance, modification, replacement or adjustment of any microwave oven or any part or component thereof.


“Stirrer” means that feature of a microwave oven which is intended to provide uniform heating of the load by constantly changing the standing wave pattern within the cavity or moving the load.


“Technician” means any individual that performs service on microwave ovens
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Jun. 8, 2021

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