OAR 333-500-0034
Application Review


In reviewing an application for a new hospital the Division shall:


Verify compliance with the applicable sections of ORS Chapters 441 and 476, and OAR 333-500 through 535, 675, and chapter 837;


Determine whether a certificate of need is required and was obtained;


Conduct an on-site licensing survey in coordination with the State Fire Marshal’s Office; and


Verify compliance with conditions of participation if the applicant has requested Medicare or Medicaid certification.


In determining whether to license a hospital the Division shall consider factors relating to the health and safety of individuals to be cared for at the hospital and the ability of the operator of the hospital to safely operate the facility, and may not consider whether the hospital is or shall be a governmental, charitable or other nonprofit institution or whether it is or shall be an institution for profit.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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