OAR 333-560-0020
Procedures for Abbreviated Review


Abbreviated review may be granted by the division either upon request by the applicant or on the division’s own initiative. Decisions to grant or to not grant abbreviated review shall be based on a letter of intent which has been properly filed by the applicant under OAR 333-555-0000 (Letters of Intent, Required) through 333-555-0020 (Letters of Intent, Application Form) and on the division’s findings concerning the applicable criteria for abbreviated review under OAR 333-560-0010 (Abbreviated Certificate of Need Review for Specific Projects). In addition to a letter of intent, applicants seeking abbreviated review shall submit information and narrative necessary to allow the division to make findings regarding the applicable criteria for abbreviated review.


The division shall provide written notification to the applicant that abbreviated review is:


Denied and state the reason; or




If abbreviated review is granted, the proposal is exempt from the full review process detailed in division 570 of this chapter, with the exception of OAR 333-570-0070 (Decision on Approval or Denial of Application)(4) through (10); and from the application requirements and review criteria established in division 580. The notification to the applicant shall include a proposed order granting the certificate of need. Such an order shall contain findings sufficient to justify the granting of abbreviated review, but need contain no other findings.


The proposed order on an abbreviated review is subject to an informal hearing, as provided in OAR 333-570-0070 (Decision on Approval or Denial of Application)(5) through (9). Notwithstanding the provisions of OAR 333-570-0070 (Decision on Approval or Denial of Application)(8), within ten days following the close of an informal hearing on an abbreviated review, the division will either issue a final order approving the application, or will rescind its granting of abbreviated review and require the project to undergo full review.


The granting of abbreviated review may be rescinded following an informal hearing only if:


The division finds that the project does not meet the criteria for abbreviated review; or


The division finds that significant issues have been raised regarding the appropriateness of the proposed project.


The final order in an abbreviated review is subject to a reconsideration hearing, as provided in OAR 333-570-0070 (Decision on Approval or Denial of Application)(10) and division 670 of this chapter.


Projects granted a certificate of need under the abbreviated review provisions are not exempt from the monitoring and reporting requirements of OAR 333-575-0000 (Monitoring of Implementation, Completion and Project Changes Subsequent to Approval) and 333-575-0010 (Financial Reporting Requirements).

Source: Rule 333-560-0020 — Procedures for Abbreviated Review, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-560-0020.

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