OAR 333-565-0000
Fees, Application for Certificate of Need


The Public Health Division sets application fees for certificates of need (checks shall be payable to the Public Health Division).


The application fees shall not be waived, except in the case of projects which are intended to predominantly serve medically indigent persons provided that such projects are eligible for abbreviated review under OAR 333-560-0010 (Abbreviated Certificate of Need Review for Specific Projects)(1).


Application fees shall not be refundable after the application is considered complete by the Division, except as provided under subsection (6)(b) of this rule.


The application fee for projects shall be in accordance with the fee schedule contained in Table 4.


An applicant who has submitted an application which was withdrawn before being declared complete may receive a refund of 90 percent of the application fee, less any legal fees incurred by the Division in review of the application or its letter of intent, provided that the applicant makes a written request for return of the fee. However, incomplete applications which are not completed within one year of their initial submission shall not be eligible for any refund of the fee.


If the total project costs reported upon completion of the project under OAR 333-575-0000 (Monitoring of Implementation, Completion and Project Changes Subsequent to Approval)(8) differ by more than 10 percent from the costs projected in the initial application, the Division will:


Order the applicant to pay an additional fee, if the actual costs upon completion would have required a higher fee under section (4) of this rule; or


Make a refund to the applicant, if the actual costs upon completion would have resulted in a lower fee than that which was paid at the start of the review.
[ED. NOTE: Tables referenced are available from the agency.]

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