OAR 333-570-0060
Public Meeting


Any person affected by an application which is not subject to abbreviated review may request the division to hold a public meeting and, if the request is timely, the division shall hold such a meeting. The purpose of the public meeting is to discuss issues relevant to the application(s) under review and to allow submission of documents or other evidence relevant to the application.


Requests for a public meeting shall be made not later than 21 days before the division’s decision is due. Applicants and other interested parties are advised to submit requests for public meetings at the earliest possible opportunity, because in some cases the division may issue its proposed order more quickly than required.


The division may hold a public meeting at its initiative.


Any person may speak at a public meeting, and any person who speaks at the public meeting may be questioned by the division’s staff. No questions by other than staff of the division will be allowed, unless permission is given by the chair.


The administrator of the Public Health Division, or the administrator’s designee, shall chair and conduct the meting.


Notice of a public meeting during the course of review shall be served on the parties specified in OAR 333-570-0030 (Notice)(1).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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