OAR 333-580-0030
Section B — Review Criteria


The applicant must demonstrate in narrative form that its proposal satisfies the criteria specified in OAR 333-580-0040 (Need) to 333-580-0060 (Economic Evaluation) and the applicable service-specific need methodologies and standards in divisions 585 through 645. The application must have narrative sections corresponding to each section of OAR 333-580-0040 (Need) to 333-580-0060 (Economic Evaluation) (those statements labeled “(1),” “(2)” etc.). In each section, the criterion to be addressed is shown in italics. An explanation of the way in which the criterion is to be addressed and specific issues to be discussed is then provided. The narrative should address each of these issues.


The division will make findings and base its decision on the extent to which the applicant demonstrates that the criteria and standards referenced in section (1) of this rule are met. Criteria will be considered to have been met if the applicant can demonstrate that the questions posed in the criteria can be answered in the affirmative. An application will be decided in accordance with the statutes and rules in effect at the time of filing of a completed letter of intent for that application. A completed letter of intent will be considered to have been filed only if the division finds that it includes all of the information required under OAR 333-555-0020 (Letters of Intent, Application Form)(1).


Each relevant issue in the outline of criteria must have a written explanatory response which includes supporting evidence and identifies the source of evidence, assumptions, methodologies used in projections, estimates, etc.


Applicants are encouraged to include any additional information relevant to the review criteria which was not specifically requested by the state, but which would further support the proposal.


Applicants must demonstrate to the division that a proposal is approvable. All other application sections are supportive of this section.

Source: Rule 333-580-0030 — Section B — Review Criteria, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-580-0030.

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