OAR 333-590-0010

As used in is division:


“Acute Inpatient Care” means care provided in hospital beds, involving at least one overnight use of a bed. Acute inpatient care does not include skilled nursing facility, intermediate care facility, long-term care or supportive routine care for chronic disease or disability, convalescent care, or rest cures. Neither does acute inpatient care include outpatient or clinic care, emergency room care, outpatient laboratory tests, or ambulatory surgery. Acute inpatient care does include general medical/surgical care and short-stay specialty and sub-specialty acute care, including but not limited to gynecological, obstetrical, pediatric, ICU/CCU, psychiatric, alcoholism, chemical dependency, and rehabilitation care.


“Acute Inpatient Bed” means a space with physical facilities which is being used to provide inpatient care to a patient located in a hospital and is intended primarily for occupancy by a patient who will be fed, lodged and treated on an overnight basis, except that newborn nursery bassinets, neonatal intensive care and labor room beds are not included.


“Acute Inpatient Bed Capacity” is defined in OAR 333-545-0020(6), and means any space which could be made readily available for use as an acute inpatient bed, even if this space is not presently being used for this purpose.


“Population-Based Discharge and Use-Rates” means rates based on geographical area patient origins and population rather than on the statistics of utilization of a single facility.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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