OAR 333-645-0030
Elements in Calculating Need for Rehabilitation Services


Total need for inpatient rehabilitation services is such that inpatient facilities shall not exceed seven beds in 100,000 general population:


Determination of hospital service area is to be consistent with OAR 333-590-0040 (Determination of Service Area for Existing Hospitals), or with historical use patterns for rehabilitation services if these are demonstrably different from a defined hospital service area;


Adjustments to this standard can be made where a specialty rehabilitation service is proposed, if the applicant submits information demonstrating the sizes of populations at risk in the proposed service area; the current and historical rates of hospitalization in Oregon for those groups; and the availability, accessibility, quality, and levels of utilization of existing inpatient services addressing the needs of those groups in Oregon. An example of a specialty rehabilitation unit would be a unit specializing in strokes.


Expansion of existing rehabilitation units shall be given priority over creation of new rehabilitation units for comparable services, unless it can be demonstrated that the applicant is offering the least costly service.


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Rehabilitation units must have an annualized occupancy rate of at least 85 percent prior to expansion of any bed capacities, and expansion should be such that the unit can maintain a minimal occupancy rate of 75 percent on unit capacity, within 1-12 years of certificate of need approval;


A new rehabilitation unit must demonstrate that it will be able to achieve and maintain a minimal annual occupancy rate of 75 percent of unit capacity within three years of certificate of need approval.


Bed need calculation and minimal occupancy rate for rehabilitation services is to be consistent, where applicable, with the methods and principles established in OAR 333-590-0030 (Assumptions) to 333-590-0060 (Relationship of Proposed New Hospitals to Existing Health Care System).

Source: Rule 333-645-0030 — Elements in Calculating Need for Rehabilitation Services, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-645-0030.

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