OAR 334-020-0015


All equipment and tools used in conjunction with a treatment on a client must:


Be approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory when applicable;


Be maintained on a regular basis; and


Be cleaned between each use.


Cushions on tables and chairs, as well as bolster and pillows, must be covered with impervious material that is cleaned after every use.


Topical preparations must be:


Stored in a manner that maintains the integrity of the product and prevents spoilage and contamination;


Dispensed in a manner that prevents contamination of the unused portion; and


Dispensed in a manner that prevents cross-contamination between clients.


Topical preparations such as ice cubes, plasters, herbal wraps and any other similar product that comes in contact with the client must be used only once and then disposed of in a sanitary manner.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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