OAR 334-040-0001


Every licensee having information regarding a possible violation of the rules or statutes governing massage must cooperate with the Board in furnishing such information and must assist the Board, in order that appropriate investigative, corrective or disciplinary action may be taken.


Anyone may submit a complaint against a licensed or unlicensed person. A complaint may be submitted anonymously. Complainants are kept confidential.


A preliminary review of the complaint must be made by the Board or its representative, to assure there is sufficient evidence to justify proceeding to investigate and to determine if the allegations against the Respondent are such that, if proven, could result in disciplinary action being imposed by the Board.


If the complaint is considered to be valid, the Board must then proceed as follows:


The Board or its representative may notify the Respondent of the allegations by mail and request written response. Written responses must be received by the Board within two weeks after the notification was first mailed, unless an extension is authorized by the Board. In the event no written response is received the Board may evaluate the complaint using available evidence; or


The Board or its representative may refer the complaint to the Board’s designated authority for additional investigation.


The Board must evaluate all evidence obtained; including any documents or comments received from the Respondent and the Board must proceed as follows:


If the evidence is insufficient to justify further proceedings, the Complainant and Respondent must be so notified in writing.


If the evidence is sufficient to justify further proceedings, the Board must consider and take appropriate action at a regular or special meeting.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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