OAR 339-020-0020
CE Categories and Points

These numbers refer to a two year total of 30 points. Credit for CE shall be calculated on a point basis in the following categories and must relate to occupational therapy services. It is the responsibility of the licensee to demonstrate how specific classes contribute to the development of the occupational therapy skills. “Application to OT Services” (CE Log) must be included for credit. Unless stated otherwise, one point equals one contact hour. Sixteen to 30 required CE points must come from categories 1-10. A limit of 14 of the required CE points may be accrued from categories 11-17, unless noted otherwise.


Attendance at university, college or vocational technical adult education courses at or above practice level: Four points per credit hour. Documentation of successful completion required.


Attendance at seminars, workshops, or institutes: One point per direct hour of content.


Completion of online educational courses: Points as awarded by certificate or per credit, see (1). Certificate of successful completion required.
(4) Satisfactory completion of educational activities relating to occupational therapy approved by the AOTA Approved Provider Program, sponsored by OTAO, AOTA and NBCOT or professional academic institutions relating to occupational therapy: One point per hour of attendance. Certificate of attendance required.


Publication -- Copy of publications required.


Publication of article in non-peer reviewed publication (e.g. OT Practice, SIS Quarterly, Advance, etc.): Five points per article.


Publication of article in peer-reviewed professional publication (e.g. journals, book chapter, research paper): Ten points per article.


Publication of chapter(s) in occupational therapy or related textbook: Ten points per chapter.


Authoring a book related to the practice of occupational therapy. 14 points.


Professional presentation (person presenting): Presentation must be at practice level for credit, e.g. CNA training would not be acceptable: Two points per hour with no additional points for subsequent presentation of same content. Course outline must be provided.


Development of alternative media (computer software, video or app): Three points/hr of finished product. Outline required.


Completing requirements for occupational therapy specialty certification (initial or recertification one time only for each specialty): 12 points. Copy of certificate required.


Research, provided an abstract of the research is retained to prove participation: Principal -- Eight points. Associate -- Six points.


Development and implementation of a school approved Level II student program (one time only and completed within a year): Four points. Copy of program must be provided.


In-service training: One point per hour of attendance.


Attendance at videotaped presentations of educational courses, seminars, workshops or institutes (group viewing with discussion): One-half point per direct hour of viewing with additional points for discussion, not to exceed seven points.


Student supervision, Level I: One point per student. (Up to 4 points).


Level II Fieldwork and Doctorate student supervision, OT Experiential level work: One point for 8 hours of supervision. (Up to 14 points).


Mentoring; as defined in OAR-339-010-0005 (Definitions)(5): One point for every eight hours contract mentoring with documentation. Points may be obtained for both the mentor and the mentee.


Professional leadership on a Board or Commission relating to OT -- Volunteer services to organizations, populations, and individuals that advance the reliance on and use of one’s occupational therapy skills and experiences to the volunteer setting or experience: 10 hours equal two points. Up to four points a year with documentation.


Re-Entry Supervisors: Therapists providing supervision under OAR 339-010-0016 (CE Requirements for Applicants for Licensure): One point for 8 hours.

Source: Rule 339-020-0020 — CE Categories and Points, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=339-020-0020.

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