OAR 340-017-0015


“Investment” means the amount of money a person invests to acquire or construct equipment, personal property or machinery necessary to collect, transport, or process reclaimed plastic or to manufacture a reclaimed plastic product. An investment shall be determined to have been made on the date a sales contract is agreed to by the buyer or the date of issuance of a purchase order.


“Circumstances Beyond the Control of the Applicant” means facts, conditions and circumstances which applicant’s due care and diligence would not have avoided.


“Commission” means Environmental Quality Commission or the Commission’s sub-delegate.


“Department” means Department of Environmental Quality.


“Personal Property” means any investment in property directly related to the operation of the industry or enterprise seeking the tax credit, which make a significant contribution to the collection, transportation or processing of reclaimed plastic or the manufacture of a reclaimed plastic product, excluding land and buildings.


“Qualifying Business” means a business in Oregon that collects, transports, or processes reclaimed plastic or manufactures a reclaimed plastic product.


“Reclaimed Plastic” means plastic from industrial consumers, commercial users or post-consumer waste. “Reclaimed Plastic” includes shredded plastics, regrind, pellets or any other similar products manufactured from Oregon industrial consumers, commercial users, or post consumer waste that is sold for the purpose of making an end product out of reclaimed plastic and is intended to be used to manufacture a non-medical or non-food plastic product.


“Reclaimed Plastic Product” means a plastic product of real economic value for which more than 50 percent of the plastic used in the product is reclaimed plastic.


“Special Circumstances” means emergencies which call for immediate erection, construction or installation of a facility, cases where applicant has relied on incorrect information provided by Department personnel as demonstrated by letters, records of conversations or other written evidence, or similar adequately documented circumstances which directly resulted in applicant’s failure to file a timely application for preliminary certification.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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