OAR 340-044-0040
Decommissioning and Conversion Requirements for Underground Injection Systems


When an underground injection system is no longer in use for injection or is abandoned, the owner or operator shall decommission the system or convert the system to another type of well in a manner that will prevent the movement of contaminants into groundwater.


The owner or operator shall notify the Director of the owner’s or operator’s intent to decommission or convert the injection system 30 days prior to closure or conversion.


The owner or operator shall comply with all reporting, licensing and design requirements of all applicable state and local laws when decommissioning or converting an injection system. These include OAR 340-071 for on-site sewage disposal systems, 690-200 and 690-220 for water supply wells, 690-240-0030 (Other Holes: General Performance and Responsibility Requirements) for other holes and 632-020 for geothermal wells.


Any soil, gravel, sludge, biosolids, liquids or other material removed from or adjacent to the injection system shall be characterized and disposed in a manner consistent with all applicable local, state and federal laws.


Except for on-site sewage disposal systems decommissioned according to OAR 340-071 and injection systems for storm water runoff from rooftops, proper decommissioning of an injection system shall be certified by a professional geologist, engineering geologist, or professional engineer registered in the State of Oregon.


The following decommissioning requirements apply to drilled wells, boreholes and sewage drain holes or sewage drill holes unless waived in writing by the Director:


The owner or operator shall immediately render the system to be completely inoperable by plugging and sealing to prevent the vertical movement of fluids.


All portions of the well that are surrounded by “solid wall” formation shall be plugged and filled with cement grout or concrete; or


The top portion of the well must be effectively sealed with cement grout or concrete to a depth of at least 18 feet below the surface of the ground, or wherever this method of sealing is not practical, effective sealing must be accomplished in a manner approved in writing by the Director.


If the Director determines that the injection system is high risk or potentially contaminated, the Director may require submission of a closure plan for review and approval prior to decommissioning. The owner or operator shall perform any sampling requested by the Director. The results of such sampling shall be reported to the Director. Detection of soil or groundwater contamination from the injection system shall be reported to the Director within 14 days of observation or receipt of sampling results.

Source: Rule 340-044-0040 — Decommissioning and Conversion Requirements for Underground Injection Systems, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-044-0040.

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