OAR 340-046-0020
Requirements for Deposit

Permits and approval:


Prior to any deposit of motor vehicle bodies and parts thereof into the waters of the state or in a location where they may be likely to escape or be carried into said waters by any means, a person must first make application as prescribed in section (2) of this rule to the Department and secure a written permit from said agency.


Application. The application shall be in a written, legible form and shall include the following minimum information:


The name, address, and organization, if any, of the applicant;


The purpose and necessity for the deposit and whether it is for a long-term or short-term project;


The number and amount of motor vehicle bodies and parts intended to be deposited;


The location and name of the stream or other public waters or adjacent land area involved;


The time schedule, method, and program contemplated by the applicant for deposit of the motor vehicle bodies and parts deposited.


Engineering plans. The application shall have attached, for examination and approval by the Department, full and complete engineering plans and specifications prepared by a registered professional engineer, describing in detail the method and manner of depositing and securing of motor vehicle bodies and parts thereof:


The engineering plans and specifications and any necessary revisions thereof, if approved, will be considered by the Department as an acceptable means and method of deposit, provided all other applicable requirements are met;


The Department may also seek comments from other adjacent or affected property owners and any applicable city, county, state, or federal agency relative to the proposed locations of the deposit and engineering plan.


The Department may set additional specific time limitations and conditions for the deposit and for future removal thereof, as may be necessary.

Source: Rule 340-046-0020 — Requirements for Deposit, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=340-046-0020.

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